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7th Xerolivado Trail Run Featured

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7th Xerolivado Trail Run

Sunday, July 16 2017

Course Discription

The race is 14 kilometres long in 1230 metes altitude, organized by Veria's Running Club and the Sports Sector of Municipality of Imathia. It will be supported by local authorities of the village, Xerolivado's and Makrochori's Cultural Clubs and Veria's Enduro Team.

The race starts at the village of Xerolivado, in 1206 m altitude. The athletes run along the lake and the trail moves in the forest of pine trees and beech trees and climbs up to 1372 m. The slightly ascenting incline is the reason why Xerolivado Run is considered the easiest and fastest trail run in Greece.

Other Events
1500m kids lake run.
Free camping.
Light meal after the race.


1) Participation: Any man or woman over 18 years is entitled to participate in the race.
2) Registration deadline: Registration procedure ends on 10th July 2017, unless the limit of 600 participants is reached before this date.
3) Entry Fee: Participation fee 5€, to be paid in Piraeus Bank, IBAN GR75 0172 2430 0052 4308 5986 552, Holder of the account: Syllogos Dromeon Verias. The name of the participant should be written on the deposit.


- Each participant will receive his/her bib number.
- All the athletes crossing the finish line will receive a remembrance medal.
- All the athletes will have access to 2 refreshment stations during the race, a traditional soup (trahanas) made of milk and pasta at 6:30a.m. before the race and a light grilled meal after the race.
-150 € for the winner of the race.

Bib numbers should be collected at the park of Xerolivado either on Saturday 15/7 between 6.00 - 8.00 p.m. or on Sunday 16/7 7.00 - 8.15 a.m.

Water will be given to each participant at 4,5 and 10 kilometers stations. At the second station athletes will also be given electrolyte (powerade). At the finish line there is a public pump.

Medical care will be available at the finish line and along the route of the race, as well. The Evaggelismos Clinics offers its ambulance.

The winner of the race will be awarded with 150 €.
The first 3 men and the first 3 women of the general rank will be given cups and medals, as well as the first winners of the following categories:
MEN 18-34,  35-39,  40-44,  45-49,  50-54,  55+
WOMEN 18-34,  35-44,  45+
(the winners of the general rank are not included in these categories)
All the athletes crossing the finish line will receive a remembrance medal.

Flat course on the grass. Children can be registered on the day of the race. The participation is free of charge. Starts at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday 16/7.
The first 3 boys and the first 3 girls of the following categories will be awarded with medals:
1st category : up to the 3rd grade of Primary School
2nd category : up to the 6th grade of Primary School
3rd category : up to the 3rd grade of Junior High School

Except from the running part, Xerolivado Trail Run offers free camping in a beautiful area surrounded by perennial pine trees. This area is ideal for those who would like to strengthen their ties with runners and their families. Contrary to its name (Xerolivado in Greek means dried pasture) Xerolivado is a green pasture surrounded by pine and beech trees, in the mountain of Vermio, 18 kilometers far from Veria. In the camping area water is available within a distance of 100m. Food is not provided. The organizing committee will only offer "trahana" on Sunday morning, 16th of July at 6:30 a.m. Campers can ride a horse, walk in the forest, or ride their bikes. Mind that temperature during the night is 8-10 degrees lower.

Doucata in the village of Xerolivado, tel: +306978181922
Kapsalis,10 kilometres from Xerolivado, tel: +302331044421
Lozitsi,15 kilometres from Xerolivado, tel: +302331022327

Saturday, July 15, 2017
12:00-22:00 camping preparations
18:00- 20:00 bib numbers collection at the park

Sunday, July 16, 2017
07:00-08:15 bib numbers collection
09:00 kids lake run start
09:15 14km Trail Mountain Run start
11:15 light meal
11:30 awards

Koukoutegos Antonis, +306976000302
Karagiannis Giannis, +306972240184

   ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟΣ ΔΡΟΜΕΩΝ ΒΕΡΟΙΑΣ                                                   ΠΡΟΕΔΡΟΣ ΚΑΠΑ                              

                   Ο ΠΡΟΕΔΡΟΣ                                                                                             

                ΤΣΙΑΡΑΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΗ                                                              ΔΙΑΜΑΝΤΗΣ ΣΤΕΡΓΙΟΣ

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